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    Company Profile


    Riteon Investments (Pvt) Ltd, trading as Greencon.

    Greencon (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated as a limited liability company according to the laws of Zimbabwe in 1991 by Julian Vant. It was formed to meet the new and fast growing demand for greenhouses generally used for producing roses for the export flower industry. Initially Greencon sourced raw materials regionally (steel, plastic raw materials, aluminium, bolts, rivets and other components), manufactured, installed and commissioned steel greenhouses.

    The first galvanised steel greenhouse erected in Zimbabwe was done by Greencon in 1992. With time several components of the greenhouse were patented, and innovative methods of plastic attachment were introduced. Soon exports into regional countries were started and by 1995 Greencon was manufacturing and erecting about 2 hectares of greenhouse per month, employing over 65 full time staff mainly in manufacturing and installing greenhouses, but with an admin and sales staff of 7 including 2 engineers. Greencon exported over 35 hectares of Zimbabwean manufactured greenhouses into the region.p

    During this period (early 1990's) relationships were established with regional and international suppliers of greenhouses and related horticultural inputs, including screening systems, heating, shading compounds, greenhouse plastic and more. By 1994, in line with regional requirements and the removal of import duties into Zimbabwe, the agency for Richel, Serres de France was negotiated for the whole of Southern Africa. This was for more sophisticated, moveable roof and computer controlled greenhouses, with roof and side vents controlled according to wind speed, rain, temperature and humidity.

    Greencon dominated this market in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Several major projects were sold in the region, including into RSA and in 1996 Rhino Plastics and Dynatrade of RSA were appointed as sub-agents to keep up with increased demand from RSA. In total over 120 hectares of Richel greenhouses were sold, installed and commissioned by Greencon throughout Southern Africa - countries where projects were completed include RSA, Lesotho. Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, DRC, Malawi, Mozambique, Mauritius, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    Following the land reform programme in Zimbabwe there was an initial decline for demand in greenhouse structures and the continued operation as a focused greenhouse supply company was no longer viable. As a result business was confined to the supply of greenhouse plastic to existing and established end users. By 2008, through demand and as a result of a void in the local market an agreement was reached with Padula of France and their African Division, Eco Agri Africa based in Mauritius, to supply 'solutions' to existing and prospective new growers principally, but not limited to Eastern and Southern Africa. An agency with Rhino Plastics of South Africa was also established.

    The concept was to search for suitable and appropriate products, to get regional agency agreements and to supply direct ex manufacturer to end user where possible and appropriate. In 2010 Riteon Investments (Pvt) Ltd, trading as Greencon was established in Zimbabwe as the representative of Eco Agri Africa in the region. At present there are formal agreements with several greenhouse manufacturers, based on their product strengths, from Europe, S.Korea and China. Plastic is supplied direct by Plastika Kritis ex Europe or by Hitec ex China.

    Irrigation is supplied by AZUD of Spain and others, with specialty fertilisers being supplied by DASA of Spain. All of these products are sold through Greencon in Zimbabwe, Zambia and the region. There are strategic and synergistic alliances with other input providers but generally the concept of sourcing approved and tested product direct from manufacturer to end user is adhered to.

    In early 2011 Greencon moved into a warehouse in Msasa, Unit 2, 69 Steven Drive. As a result we are now able to provide a service to walk in clients and to better service small scale rural and urban growers where our focus is now targeted. We have also started to supply inputs for the tobacco growers.

    Our product range includes the following:

    •     Tunnels
    •     Greenhouses
    •     Greenhouse plastic
    •     Mulch
    •     Dam liners
    •     Reservoirs
    •     Drip Irrigation equipment and fittings, filters etc.
    •     Spraying equipment
    •     Coco peat
    •     Fumigation sheeting
    •     Early seed bed covers (Plastic and nappy liner)
    •     Speciality Fertilisers.


    Manager : Charles Chapwanya
    Front Office Sales : George Chikwanda
    Greenhouse Technician : Albert Masara